Fleur de Lys

French Immersion Program

The Fleur de Lys immersion program aims to help missionaries who want to learn French through the Growing Participator Approach (GPA). The GPA is a pedagogical approach that can be used on the mission field and that focuses on the spoken ability of the Learner more than the writing and grammar ability. What sets the program apart from other French learning programs is that the Learners will not only be exposed to French in their classes, but they are also called to live amongst the French-speaking community, get involved in the church life and leave the school with the knowledge and ability to learn a new language or dialect on the mission field. Below, you will find all the information about the Church’s vision for the program, its structure, and the different methods to get involved either as a Learner or as a Volunteer.

Our Vision

(Who is Écclesia Church and what is our motivation for the Immersion Program.)

Écclesia is an evangelical Baptist, French-speaking church located in the urban centre of Saint-Jerome, 45 minutes north of Montreal, Quebec. Écclesia is part of a growing network of churches, passionate about Jesus and the mission to transform our city, our province and the uttermost French-speaking parts of our planet.

Our dream is to see thousands of Quebecois introduced to Jesus here, and be discipled to live as a family and follow Jesus in mission wherever he takes us, and in this way enter into the life and mission of the triune God: “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you. » (John 20:21)

By God’s grace, Écclesia will become a launching pad for Gospel work towards the 200 million French-speaking men, women and children around the world. We believe our urban French-speaking, North American context provides a unique opportunity for anyone who has a heart to reach Francophones. From this springs the vision of our French immersion program with these 2 main goals:

  1. Provide an opportunity for future missionaries to learn French and experience Gospel mission en français right in the middle of the largest mission field of the Americas (Quebec is 0.08% evangelical), before being sent to the specific places God is calling them to, whether it is to stay in Canada or to go across the Atlantic Ocean towards Europe or North Africa.
  2. Provide an opportunity for Écclésia Church members and Quebec believers to open their eyes to God’s global mission and engage in relationship with men and women already committed to leave behind the comfort of their own culture in order to bring the Gospel across another culture. In this way, we are preparing Quebec believers to also leave their home and bring the Gospel to other cultures.

The heart of the immersion program:

Two main aspects separate the Fleur de Lys, French Immersion Program from other French Learning programs: Growing Participator Approach (GPA) and the Pedagogical Approach. The GPA component is explained in detail below in the « Learn : » tab.
The pedagogical approach of the immersion program is structured around four main principles: Live, Learn, Participate and Serve. The combination of these four principles is what makes this program unique by bringing something different to both the students and the church and (providing opportunities for them to) interact on many levels. In addition to teaching a language, the program seeks to involve the Learners in the life of the church through serving and benefiting from interactions with the church members. It is therefore crucial that all candidates understand the full scope of the program and are ready to fully participate in all activities. Here is a description of each of these principles and how they integrate in the vision of the program. See below for an in-depth analysis of the principles.

Here is a brief visual summary of the four principles. Below will follow a more in depth analysis of the principles.
Live Learn Participate Serve

We strongly encourage the Learners to live with a French Host Family, to be exposed to the culture, habits and realities of a Quebecois. It is another opportunity to learn the French language by soaking in it every day. It is also important to be sensitive to the culture and to be open to different ways of living. The Live principle involves living with the family, participating in daily tasks, perhaps offering childcare, offering or helping with housework, etc. Some Learners will prefer to live alone or with their families, which is understandable, they will be paired with Anchor Families who will meet with them regularly to develop a relationship and try to recreate that environment.

A small group of Learners (2-4 students) will participate in 5, three (3) to four (4) hour classes per week and will be supported by a Linguistic Resource and/or Consultant. These classes will be given according to the Growing Participator Approach, a method of language learning that can easily be applied on the mission field. This method and how it applies to the program is described in this Growing Participator Approach Document. Learners will also be encouraged do homework outside of classes, to expose themselves to French through the radio, the Internet, books, movies and etc. For best results, the Learners should plan on participating in the program for 8 to 12 months. If we have available resources, we will also give an opportunity for Learners to have language training for specific fields : nursing, evangelism, engineering, construction, etc.

The Learner will be invited to participate in the life of the church , participating in church celebrations, small groups (Groups Connexion), Vie Renouvelée (Celebrating Recovery) and other church activities. This will allow them to get to know church members as well as to practice their communication skills.

Finally, we encourage the Learners to serve in the church and get involved in glorifying God through the time they spend in our community. Since their goal is to give their time and life to God through missions, we want to be able to give them the opportunity to serve Him in our church while they are here. We have many areas where their involvement would be appreciated : worship, childcare, small group support, outreach/evangelism, youth, etc. It is also a way for the Learners to energize our community and raise awareness on what it means to give our lives to Christ. Seeing others sacrifice their time and resources to glorify God, learn a new language, have a heart for a people in need of salvation has touched a lot of people in our church and has encouraged them to grow in their faith and created an urge to communicate God’s love to others. We are also in the process of developing other programs that will allow Learners to share their knowledge and faith to people outside the church: coffee shop, biblical/theological training and childcare for single or less fortunate parents.

Contact us, More information and How to get involved

Whether you are a missionary looking for a French Immersion Program or a missionary agency looking for resources to incorporate in your portfolio, we are eager to hear from you and to include you in our team. This portal is the best way to reach us, ask questions or make comments.

Get in touch with us for more information :

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If you are seriously considering applying with our program, please fill in the following information before clicking the "Submit" button.

More information

1. Could you name some of your expectations for your time in Quebec?

2. Could you name some of your expectations/needs that you have for the program you want to paticipate in?

3. What are your goals for your time in Quebec?

4. a) How would you rate your current “French speaking” ability? – (none, basic, intermediate or advanced)

b) How would you rate your current “French writing” ability? – (none, basic, intermediate or advanced)

c) How would you rate your current “French comprehension”? – (none, basic, intermediate or advanced)

5. What is your current hometown?

6. Have you visited Quebec before? What other places have you travelled to (national/international)?

7. Briefly explain any ministry experience that you may have? (Involvement in the local church or short / long term mission)

8. Tell us about yourself: likes, hobbies, sports, etc?

9. Is your stay in Quebec fully funded? Have you raised your full support or are you still in the process?

Many options are available for people who want to get involved in the program: host family, anchor family, language resource (teacher), church involvement manager. If one of these roles interests you, we invite you to contact us so that we can get in touch with you and coordinate your involvement according to the needs of the program.

Also, if you are a Church leader and have service opportunities for the Learners, we invite you to communicate them to us through this portal. (worship, child care, public service opportunity, evangelism opportunities, etc)

Here is a description of the different roles and responsibilities that are available to volunteers, this will allow you to understand what is involved when you volunteer with the program.

1. The Host Family is a person who agrees to provide decent accommodations at a decent price to a Learner. Several arrangements are possible, either providing or not the food, access to the washer and dryer machine, etc. These parameters must be pre-established and communicated before the arrival of Learners so that they can take into account the services offered and not offered.
2. The Host Family agrees to contribute to the French learning of the Learner by encouraging them to speak French, using a clean, adequate vocabulary and integrating the Learner in his everyday life. A Host will encourage the learner to participate in small groups and Church activities. The host must have the ability to speak English to communicate with the Learner and must have the ability to explain the French language and Quebec culture to Learner.
3. The Host Family accepts to provide the hosting service for the duration predetermined with the Learner. The Host will determine the price for the apartment and maintain it for the duration of a hosting period. The Host Family may change the services and prices in between Learners or if they reach an agreement with a learner.

1. Anchor Family agrees to meet the learners about once a week outside Connections Groups and ideally, is also part of the same small group as the Learner.
2. Their goal is to create relationships with the Learner and be an emotional and social support. Activities can vary widely, starting from board games, sports activities, sightseeing, eating out, etc.
3. Ideally, the Anchor Family will facilitate meeting people in the church and building a social network around the Learner, supported by the Linguistique Resources /Consultants.

1. The Church involvement responsible is a person who is able to offer opportunities to serve in the community. They include amongst others:
a) The Pastor
b) The worship team,
c) The Zone 0-15 team
d) The maintenance team
e) The Connections Group team

1. The Language Consultant is responsible for training the Learners, and Linguistique Resources and maintaining the GPA (Growth Participator Approach) teaching method.
2. The Language Consultant supervises the cohorts and Linguistique Resources, providing tips and guiding training the cohorts through de different phases.
3. They continuously Improving the Program and Linguistique Resource’s training.
4. They answer future Learner’s questions concerning the program.
5. Print the documents and provide the necessary materials for the program.

1. The Recruitment Manager gets in touch with missionary associations, or people that could be interested by the service offered by the School. (The plan, the vision, the available services, the estimated budget, etc.)
2. The Recruitment Manager maintains relationships with the people mentioned above.
3. He works to recruit new learners and transfers their details to the Host and Reception Manager.
4. Estimate the needs of future Learners (level of fluency in French, family needs, hosting needs, etc)

1. Perform followed with learners as soon as they show an interest in the school, they will be transferred by the Recruiting Manager.
a) Make sure they understand the vision and what we can offer.
b) Arrange for funding followed, passports, visas and other factors that may limit their coming.
c) To propose solutions and resources for everything concerning visas, passports and other issues that may emerge.
d) Plan for possible problems of mobility of learners. (Access to a car, public transport)
2. Prepare the arrival of Learners
a) Plan period of arrival, where the session will begin courses, available teaching resources. (Resource Consultant and Linguistics)
b) Estimate the needs of people. (Singles, families, nursery, school children, budgets, etc.)
c) Find a host or a home. (Depending on budget)
d) Find one or two host families.
e) Refer an arrival time and route. (Avoid rush hour, around Mtl, etc.)
f) Ensure the preparation of the arrival of the first day. (Transport from the airport, availability of housing, planning hospitality for integration into church life and give people / attachment points)
3. Contact a connection group in the region is ready to welcome Learners.
a) Ensure the availability of language resources and Consultants or other church members to provide an orientation day in the city and the physical environment that welcomes them and an introductory course in culture Quebec.
b) Prepare a list of activities,  » must do in Qc  » and regions to visit, according to season and region.

1. The Communications Manager manages and organizes the communication tools and resources. (Dropbox and Slack)
2. He ensures that the team communicates efficiently both internally and externally.
3. He manages the School’s external resources (people involved, volunteers and available people)
4. He manages the website and other means of communication to the public, including the communications to the churches’ members.

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If you are seriously considering applying with our program, please fill in the following information before clicking the "Submit" button.

1. Which type of involvement are you interested in?

2. What are the resources that you can put to the school's disposal?

3. a) How would you rate your current French speaking ability. – (none, basic, intermediate or advanced)

b) How would you rate your current French writing ability. – (none, basic, intermediate or advanced)

c) How would you rate your current French teaching skills. – (none, basic, intermediate or advanced)

4. a) How would you rate your current English speaking ability. – (none, basic, intermediate or advanced)

b) How would you rate your current English writing ability. – (none, basic, intermediate or advanced)

c) How would you rate your current English teaching skills. – (none, basic, intermediate or advanced)

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